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AIM2 - the Association that keeps IM2 alive

The Association for Interactive Multimodal Information Management (AIM2) derives from the Swiss National Center for Competence in Research (NCCR) on Interactive Multimodal Information Management (IM2). Within the framework of the NCCR IM2 (2002-2013), headed by Idiap Research Institute at Martigny, acknowledged researchers from a number of university institutions (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, University of Geneva, University of Fribourg, University of Bern, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) and a range of commercial companies worked at the advancement of research, and the development of prototypes, in the field of multimodal information management and man-machine interaction.

To ensure the continuum of the technological and economic achievements of IM2 and to sustainably secure an implementation of the NCCR’s mission after its official end date, AIM2 was created March 20, 2012. The purpose of the association is to promote the field of Interactive Multimodal Information Management by strengthening the corresponding education, research, development and dissemination activities.

The major actions AIM2 wishes to encourage and support are:

-          R&D projects: supporting and conduction research and development projects

-          Technology transfer: encouraging consulting and technology transfer

-          Data and technology exchanges: mediating exchanges of date, software and know-how

-          Education: promoting teaching and educational activities

-          Dissemination: facilitating dissemination of knowledge through the organization of events and publications.